Blocking the right click of the mouse
Hello, I want to stop people to save my files, how to block the right click of the mouse? Thank you all in advance
Author : Mary
Readings : 523
Creation : 2009-11-20
Delphine said ...
It is not possible.
The best is to put the name of your store on each photo as they become unusable for other
Anonymous said ...
Ah ... I thought too but I do not think this is possible. To be confirmed by the moderators.
Anonymous said ...
Why is this not possible? Is that you manage your site
Céline D. said ...
Hello Mary,

As delphine I think the best is yet to score your photo.

Blocking the right click of the mouse does not really interest.
Just make a screenshot to steal a photo unmarked.

In all cases, we must know that there is always a risk of being robbed his work is unfortunately the norm on the net.

Best regards
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