Big week of work
Hello everyone,
voila I have a good dip in my time use this week and I would like to take this opportunity to make huge work on my shop at any point of view.
I'd like to have your opinion as sincere as possible about any changes that would make both (although I already asked about the one above)
Even leaving to undertake a big job to do graphics, editing photos, I am motivated to change all that and give a helping pep's in my shop.

First key point is my homepage, I have no ideas on what route I run, now I like it more, it makes too sloppy and not really pro.
If you have any ideas .. advice, shop example ...
I want to be on top of the page pro, and that which remains between the end-bay mouth. Well, you tell me it's a little dream of everyone, but I feel good so I'd like to throw myself motivated.

Second important point that I'm missing (for those who read me for some time) my advice general sales. I'll have to do ...

Other points would also go around again on all my static pages and a new look at all this, give them a day if needed.

And also the big point referencing ...
I tell you that only three search engines came on my shop but after a few small inscription quickly I managed to fry the other (again thanking the person on the forum who helped me.)

Now I have Google, Exalead, Yahoo, MSN and dotnetdotcom. (By cons who are more than rare and I would like to understand why??

msn - 2 pages
dotnetdotcom - 1page
Does that need it do to make it back considerably??

I hope that people motivated to read what I write are willing to take their time to help me a bit and clear my point of few to make possible the most pro my shop.

thanking you very much.

Author : vtu2noir
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Creation : 2010-08-03
passionbijo said ...
Yoan Hello, you did not put the link to your shop, so how you help?
vtu2noir said ...
Pfff ... What I am stunned.
Never forget to put every comment I make and that is really important I do not.
It is on it's going to market so well.

I added a new category last night and remove the other and then put it back online article.
I also turned my photo and novelty (it was a photo montage with text explaining what will be found quickly on the page)

I told myself that it'll be a lot better for search engines to give them a little reading (he loves parrait AC)

thank you to the brave!
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