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I sell vinyl and wishes to have a listen to my records available in the product description.
First I think putting an external link to a page I created but the concern is that the cart is no longer available, or must I add a link on my page listen to return to the Product selection page; Is there another solution because the latter will be quite annoying for the buyer!
In advance thank you.
Best regards
Author : W!)ky
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Creation : 2009-11-18
Geoffray said ...

have you thought about putting a video (only sound in your case) on youtube and link in your shop KingEshop

Here is the link that will help you to add a video
W!)ky said ...
In fact I think yes to do this by converting my mp3 to flv, but the space available sr youtube is only 2GB, and I vrament many references to propose!
another idea?
thank you
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