Ask advice on construction site
HELLO, SOME OPINIONS ON MY WEBSITE (UNDER CONSTRUCTION product categories and headings are not final) PLEASE PLEASE

thank you,
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Creation : 2010-12-17
Anonymous said ...

It's not bad for a start! Good luck for the future ...

In fact, how did you do with what software for the right entry with: Payment, Contact, Terms ... I struggled because I was searching but not finding snifff
I thank you in advance!
Anonymous said ...
Thank you very much
Anonymous said ...
But there is nothing the origins of TVs. Not a single product. Ask advice lorsquil will not be identical to its opening. You are not the first to seek an opinion without either putting curious ....
Anonymous said ...
I asked an opinion on the shape, color, I take my time to build so I started with the topics, CGV, delivery, I took care to fill correctly and I hope as possible and this many do not, I await my number siret before finishing and putting my articles (which I could in any case not sell because of siret) which explains that the pictures are still the original

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