Another opinion on my site
hello, I did a lot of correction on my website what do you think?
thank you for your opinion!
Author : centimeun
Readings : 1197
Creation : 2011-03-11
Anonymous said ...
hello, no siret, no cnil several misspellings !!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said ...
a lighter background would be more suitable for pictures, and especially avoid the flash! we'll get on fine days, do not hesitate to use this beautiful light to take photos!
some incorrect spellings. In all cases the cost of returns remains, unfortunately at your expense is the unfortunately too, the better off, this kind of adverb is to be avoided, no word on negative connotations either ... you are there to sell!
Good luck and good sales especially!
centimeun said ...
thank you for your advice, I'll wait for the sunny days to redo my pictures when I corrected the mistakes a lot but I do not see them all, the Siret, I'm not yet but it will come through cons I do not understand why I receive messages on kingshop and not to my email address, for example, someone very smart (it's cynical) I send a message through my column you speak but nothing in my mailbox, I saw parcque I go on my tab section in my admin interface on king! how to reach it to my email address? thank you
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