After a few weeks your general opinion
I'd like a few weeks fighting over my shop, have your impressions and tips to be on top on all points.
I strongly followed all your guidance and have some free time these days would like to tackle a new wave of freshness, because I think this can only bring more of, and give the customers who want to I hope to loyalty, to take their time to dig a little new in the shop.
one thing I'd like to tackle is CGDV (I'm not on my shop) but I do not know how to do it, I have to look a little different shops but it speaks to me not ...

Thank you everybody!
Author : Vtu2noir
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Creation : 2010-07-15
Stephy said ...
Quick Tip: Beware of spelling mistakes!
This is a bit amateur and some people detect immediately.
Personally, I am more confident in a site whose texts are written without fault.
Have you not around you someone who could read you and correct you?

Good luck and good luck anyway!
SergeD said ...
Your home page is nice but too long, do not let all this white down, again we do not see your entry, you must go see your contact for rates and others, your next trade fairs all dates are largely outdated, and the right part at the bottom, you have a frame or photo that does not appear, it is not pro, it is clear that you must bumps Terms, your statement CNIL I put it on the homepage at the bottom, she'll see much better.
In the classification ALEXA you're ranked global but not at National's weird
Vtu2noir said ...
hello thank you for your responses.
no I have nobody for my spelling mistakes, unfortunately.
for what is my home page I am looking for the inspiration because I'd like to repeat.
for the huge white space below I do not know why AC is AC or how to remove it .... ???
if yes I know the problem of entry as it bores me, I must get to find the right format, it is unfortunate that KES can put them not only by some really connected with us will help.

alexa rank?
Patricia said ...
Good evening

There is a picture at the bottom right under the headings, which makes your page too long, you must remove

Vtu2noir said ...
Where? what image?
Vtu2noir said ...
voila I finally understand where the problem came with my firefox could not see the two images with internet explorer, so you could see, so I go to the next director with Internet explorer and remove the image. So voila over this great blank page at the bottom, that's something. thank you!

any other suggestions?
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