Advertising adwords
After thorough study of the thing, this sounds rather complicated, subtle, it must calculate its pretty well shot.
I wanted to know if some of you have been using adwords and how it 's increased.
Is this profitable?
Your site has made it know faster?
Finally if you could share your experience.
Thanks advance
Author : Anonymous
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Creation : 2009-11-12
FL14 said ...
Indeed adwords is a war machine! Very profitable for their creators.
Once we understood the principle is fairly simple, but there should be a sacred budget pub! To be honest with you I am 150 adwords budget for 2 months, zero comande! It'sa bit annoying ... I'm between 3 and 5 days per week and I peaked at 10 during the weekend, it seems not, but it goes very fast ... If you have any tips on your side, I am a buyer.
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