Advertise inventory to its customers

I would like to know if there is a module, to announce to our customers, the shop is in inventory?

If not, is it possible to duplicate the home page, or is it possible to put a static page to inform our customers.

Thank you in advance for your answers!


Online Store Association SARA, a new beginning.
Author : Asso SARA
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Creation : 2011-11-21
ASSO SARA said ...

Here is a while since I posted the question and so far no answers.
it is a shame, because I think many people would like to use this feature.
the subject has been read more than 50 times!

Online Store Association SARA, a new beginning.
bodybaby said ...
You create a message on powerpoint diagonally, you can turn it into jpg you insert it through your home page. Do not forget to turn off the cart. Then when your inventory is complete, you simply delete the photo overlay, turn the basket and you're done.
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