Thank you all for helping me and advised me to boutique.J 'So I changed what seemed to be a problem, what is missing, adjusted my position to CNIL (the number is now on my site) and changed its domain name for a better name explicite.J hope it will stick with it and finally I managed my first sale.
if you have 5 mins, thank you for watching me if something échappé.Bonne day everyone
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Creation : 2010-10-14
vtu2noir said ...

yes you were not changing the name of your site on your homepage you leave the old, and your photos are too big it spill over into your text.

yas no postal code in your details too;)
otherwise something would be better I think is that you bend your pictures and your description to the size of your items, it's beautiful, nice but no more is known is that it fits in my bathroom? .

is there any possibility to buy tile tiles and install them from here or there? y'as there any risks with the paint you used in a dry environment? wet? immersed?

I think it would be nice to create a small section on this subject can one explain all this.

I skipped on a random page I spotted a coupon code if both striking fault Achte

redone for a ride on your personal texts I suck at spelling I can not help the above.

up! up! up! at work;)

go good luck to you.
ROLLING44 said ...

We need a complete overhaul of your home page, complete mess, I prefer to be honest, the text overflows, this is really amateur, worse, it sounds made by a 6th grade.
The criticism is constructive, that is how I saw it, I hope that you too, the best way to make a good site and learn about the many sites in the competition, be inspired in terms of graphics , rules of page layout, text layout and presentation products, so your site will be pro.

Good work.
pastek1 said ...
Good evening,

Thank you for responding.

vtu2noir, your eye is advised. For spelling in general, I'm not too worried, but in contrast, typos, that I is no exception. I reread all quiet. For the size and characteristics, yet you are right, I'll look into the matter.

Rolling44 Thanks also for your comments, maybe a bit acidic. I take full header from a few days. I'm actually not a professional in the field of internet shopping but I do what I can and try to build on what I said, including when I said a little sharply. I'll try to revisit this page. In the meantime, I removed the color, focus my writing. For the rest, I'll see it at your leisure.

Continue to send me your reviews but perhaps without saying that I can at all levels. If I were a pro in this area, I would not ask for help.

Thank you again and good evening
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