A quick opinion on my homepage?
Hello everyone, I am trying to create my site, a small notice on the home page would be welcome! for articles, they are not at all in order just to try it! thank you
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Creation : 2010-07-26
Floralie said ...
Homepage pleasant and cheerful. I like. Good continuation
SergeD said ...
Home very nice, although in the spirit of your products

Anonymous said ...
thank you very much for your opinion .. Others may be?
koumy said ...
Your homepage is nice in color.
Is still attention to style or mood pictures you want to return.
Do not fall into the photo opportunity too. ... But your talking about staging: nice cheap clothes, children's fashion .... now the market is booming because the clothes are almost like children o adult. ... Ditto for the pups, yes ... but how infant in every detail ... and it works ..
therefore, more attractive and less picture collage of children in class awareness.
Remember that the wallet is in the hands of mom and dad .... who besides spending when they have a favorite.

Less separation between your different text, I think there are too white.

For me

I wish you a good continuation
Anonymous said ...
Thank you very much koumy for your comment ... is always a pleasure to have a little help and advice that helps to advance different!
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