A opinion please

I just created my site selling www.newcapfashion.kingeshop.com

I need advice to improve and help the things I'd forgotten.

Thank you very much

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Creation : 2010-10-11
Myr' said ...
Good evening,

Personally I think the presentation of the homepage is too block
It's heavy I think. Perhaps by leaving a white background and highlighting each brand separately, it would appear more spacious.
Remember to bring out more of your delivery rate since it is a good point.
The photos are clear, but the description has been shortened to what I see.
Tell to be more ....
Whatever the different word seems more appropriate.
In the contact section, put the phones in the singular word since there is only one number to reach you.
For delivery, I think you can improve the layout.
And I dont know if it's necessary to say that it is the suppliers who ship caps, specify the delivery time but keep it to yourself may be, except to say that you are simply products your suppliers you taking profits along the way, it does nothing customers.
Well, I hope these remarks will be constructive and help you.

Good evening.
Anonymous said ...
Thank you I corrected some mistakes for the home page I am going to work.

Thank you
Anonymous said ...
Good evening,
As a guest, delays of 2 to 5 weeks is far too long, a serious handicap to order, today's customers want fast processing and delivery is what makes the difference between the sales sites, and provide low price or is no longer a valid reason for deliveries as long.

Anonymous said ...
too bad its not longer work, a homepage really too simple headings almost empty and the delivery time is really too long!
Anonymous said ...
delivery time too long 2 to 5 weeks wow!!
CNIL number missing GCS
rolling44 said ...

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