A opinion on my site please

I have opinions on my site please.

Best regards

Author : Noel ROFFIN
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Creation : 2010-02-18
Anthony said ...
At first glance your site is well designed.

But some things bother on the home page that are not very pro shot:

- The person who runs ..... gifs are outdated, outmoded and ugly I think
- Image missing link facebook
- If a product does not offer ... your product ... It's a great thing, but the only photo of the product on the home page is of poor quality (Slimy text, image stretched ).... it's a pity!

Otherwise than that, it is

EVE said ...
Sorry but I not understand what you sell! It's your book?
Otherwise I think to put photos is not good for credibility! You should have opened a blog going on overblog it's free and super easy to use and you can earn more money if many people come to your blog

Good luck
Noel said ...
Good evening,

Thank you for your comments!

My site is mostly a showcase site after sale.
But I still sell my book above.

Also if you had looked a little :-) you would have seen that on the home page I am on facebook and skyblog. (problem with facebook icon).

Pictures are a way of showing what I lost, that is my kids, sorry if this lack of credibility for some ...

Best regards
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