A opinion and a little help would be welcome
hello all this is how many of you I start, I still can not download my logo, I just galley with shipping and if someone could tell me how you can verify that it works paypal would be great!

Thank you in advance to bring me your first criticism that could bring beneficial.

Thank you
Author : sandrine
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Creation : 2010-11-16
sandrine said ...
I forgot the address www.sandrine.kingeshop.com
Anonymous said ...
read the faq already that's all you have to do to understand everything.
Anonymous said ...
Hello Sandra,
some ideas:

1 / It is imperative you remove your logo here as it means that your shop
is not over and not real.

2 / A home page shop successful is not some crude pictures of apples (some of which are unclear) placed in a hurry, if not how to stand out against the elegant and creative competitors.

3 / Work the editorial (text headings and product descriptions)

4 / Do not activate the product categories that are empty for now

5 / Making the effort to offer photo-products that make you want (because it is a shop, not one-page e bay) So think about lighting, framing, and do not tremble taking photo (lol)

6 / The use of frames for pictures products to be judicious and not necessarily happy with the small chance (take the same frame for all photos of a product category will be more harmonious)

Good continuation!
sandrine said ...
thank you very much I will take the necessary and I am tomorrow.

Anonymous said ...
Good evening,
Above all, it must be concreted your product offering, too many empty sections, such as your skirt in cool reception to 15.15 e, or is it? products in your home is your showcase your highlighted is what will make the customer (s) fit into your categories
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