4 months and still no sale

I created my online store since 4 months and I still is not selling it becomes problematic

you have the solution?

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Creation : 2009-12-10
Eric said ...
You need to develop many more themes to text in your entry straight. These must use the keywords that are related to what you sell.
Search engines scan the keywords in their results.
The conditions of sale need not be specifically listed in this section but rather in the FAQ pages, and contact others.
At the entry lines are the most-developed and you will find, the more you'll have the chance to sell something.
artfrika said ...
ouha, super pipe
thank you very much for your advice
is what you need to buy a listing you think??
Eric said ...
Not especially.
That depends on several factors:
1. If you sell 200 000 other people sell it I would say yes but as the FAQ KingEshop clearly indicates you need your own domain name (without KingEshop wholesale).
2. If what you sell is not common (the old style lantern boats or other sharp objects) not specifically required. If you have many explanatory sections on different topics so-developed and sharp, in text and keyword searching engines (robots) find.
3. Importantly for Google anyway (unfortunately does not quote) even if you're at KingEshop in SEO is to provide KingEshop the information necessary to encode at the root of your site.
Small sized wholesale from google while remaining faithful to KingEshop.

The important thing is to write, develop its text entry, add external links (but not too), to fine-tune, at last to indulge in writing.
In addition your information to many more it will effect.
External Links few friendly points back to your site will be too.

Basically it is a canvas weave that patience pays off
Let yourself go to historical products, materials which compose it so that ...
Especially avoid using the headings as text terms and other sales. All this is unnecessary. The fixed lines of KingEshop are there for.
Referencing is not always useful and whether it should be, you apart fautvous of 200 000 others in one way or another.
Best regards

Michel said ...
On the web we are not alone, and like Eric said above it takes time ... and money. From my personal experience, the information gleaned on the forums and studies on the subject to generate a sale requires a lot of hits. For sites such as very competitive sexshop, clothes, music ... figures give 500 to 600 visits a day to generate sales! It scares you? Yet if you look in the last 200 visits to administer your site you will notice that there are a lot of visits 1 or 2 seconds, the real hits of several minutes are somewhat inferior.
Depending on your business you may be a report-visit purchase smaller then all the better for you, you're on a niche. For me it takes about 200 visits to a purchase, it is but it cost me 25 euros per day with Adwords.
So count the days of visits to your site and the number of purchase with or without Google Adwords, you'll like me for regular visits and numerous, it is inevitable we must pay.

Good luck to you all
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