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How to calibrate my images at 20 K, How to put the logo in the home page? How to see the home as it will appear? Here are my problems! Thank you to those who know ....
Author : Maosepatout
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Creation : 2009-12-21
Elo0174 said ...

Firstly, thank you to consult the FAQ which lists many answers to our questions.
Secondly, thank you to consult the previous posts before posting.

For info, Irfanview software reduces the image size.

Best regards.
alice said ...
Hello, accurate reading of the FAQ is very useful because much of the answers to your questions are given. The forum also allows for the practice of those who go through the same steps. The issue of pictures of calibration has been raised repeatedly in the forum (and it is in the FAQ). For the logo, you mean in the header or on the homepage, this is not the same place (this header in my site-web_entête site, read the answers by clicking on the question mark) ; homepage space creates an image by clicking the corresponding icon, browse, open your image file, select the correct one and click add (or load). To see the effect of your adjustments on the final site: over the pages you link to open your shop: www.taboutique.kingeshop.com, clicked. You will have kept a tab to access the administration www.administration ... you can do a back and forth without problems. Good luck! alice
Maosepatout said ...
thank you. I actually started to get out more with the pictures .... I'll try to see the home page but I can not see the difference between top and home page or when the header is what which is at the top of the homepage?
KingEshop said ...
Hi Maosepatou,

Indeed, the header is in the top of your website. To help you, please, see the following FAQ :



KingEshop Team.
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