2 years of site and just € 400
Could someone tell me what's wrong, what should I add or remove, thank you in advance!

Author : bilitis44
Readings : 795
Creation : 2011-11-19
Anonymous said ...
Personally, I find nothing wrong with your site, I think the problem is another cause.
I hope you find quickly what is wrong.

Good luck.
Nathalie said ...
Honestly, the design is perfect, nice, very professional (when you see what some dare to publish online ...). I even blown away by what you managed to do, I never would have guessed that your site was created using KES.
I have nothing but compliments for you.
So ... Perhaps a problem with the industry? A lack of advertising?

good luck
jmh said ...
a superb site, I looked long, maybe not enough product, you are in a highly competed and your products must inspire confidence, to do this, it is imperative to publish notice of your customers, you must ask the question, how can we find you on search engines? how much did you visit daily? Give more explanation: what a hydrosol example being hidden and why your general sales conditions in the FAQ and finally the words pour nous contacter ... leads to a blank page. In short you have everything to succeed, you must know. friendly
cc said ...
Good evening,

Personally, your home page I find beautiful and very professional, I think it's in your SEO and can be as you do not have enough publicity!

I wish you full of sales for the future!
David said ...
Good evening.
Same as before, the design is neat, but ...
(here we go again critics ^ ^)
I find that the text is quite readable. The color is in tone, but not dark enough, suddenly it all makes quite painful to read.
Problem in the page profile: problem with parcels between text and image at the end.
Home page, I do not understand right away the purpose of the shop. What is the project?

This reflects my personal opinion.

Hoping constructive criticism ...
Clara said ...
Your site is superb, very professional, I do think it of a lack of advertising. I note, with the Alexa toolbar, your site is ranked 5308148, which means that there is a large reference work to improve that.
Maybe you could exchange links, participate in forums, subscribe to directories etc ...
Good luck and I wish you lots of sales.
Patricia said ...

It's just beautiful
I love your site, blog .... The colors are very beautiful, very cool, very pretty and it makes you want to buy, and you make your products, what's better? I often seeking products like yours and prefer to buy the producers, I never came across your site when I should have

Your problem is certainly the key words, I tend to think that because with good keywords is quickly on its front page on google with a Kingeshop site

I just found that there was just a little break in product descriptions on your site from other Kingeshop. We like to have a good description of the plants, it can bring to our organization, advice , recipes etc. and some of your product sheets really miss it

Another small criticism, I think you should make a separate site for jewelry, which are more beautiful, congratulations to your spouse who is a talented designer, he makes things beautiful and deserves to have its site
but when you search in your area (that is plants) are not expected to find jewelry on the site, and it can be away from the confidence of some

Anyway congratulations for your work and wish you a really good progress, it deserves
Is your site in my favorites and I will certainly tell you soon

bilitis44 said ...
really thank you for all your comments, I feel reassured and I will have a focus on the descriptions, to darken the color of text, spelling mistakes etc.. I'm 20 visits a day (excluding engines) for facebook and direct visitors by card. it's true that I was waiting for this long before going through Adwords or other that I am not sure of the benefits. And alexia, I do not know at all how it works.
Anonymous said ...

you should write all in one color

Personnellent, I do not buy beauty products made ​​by "special" because I'm not sure of their safety, duration etc.
you must explain what is set up to manufacture and safety of your products etc.
is essential
there may be but I have not seen and it must be emphasized absolutely

you go to your site and you pass a bioaromes koantiz
there I am user base, I let go because I do not understand

and in general everything is a bit mixed (categories) and lacks logic
(why you talk about package instead of talking about the product as in the other categories? a roll on this can be for lips, cheeks, etc.)

if your site is very nice but it is confusing and you know the basic user who goes when it is not clear

good luck
bilitis44 said ...
Indeed, I will put forward more the technical side of my production because I am not an individual but a pro with a registered laboratory etc. ..
I already bought the domain name but I do not know how to point to the site and the address is changed, yet the work ...
Thank you, it's really all your constructive comments.
charlotte said ...
It is beautiful ....

nothing more to add that the advice given, but your site is really beautiful and I hope that success will come
misscie said ...
good evening,
I'm in the same situation: I have a year here and I am only about 28 visitors a day and I is not selling ... I am enrolled in several book, I share on facebook, I can not understand
Anonymous said ...
bilitis44, it's not that complicated to change your domain name, read the faq

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