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Hello everyone,

We would like to believe we are close to completing the first version of our site is incredible but there is always something that escapes us

Anyway, we invite you to visit and tell us how to find it!

Probably you will find strange expressions: unfortunately the French language is not our usual (we live in Spain)

We need critiques and constructive comments!

All your suggestions are welcome!

Here is the address:

Other than that, we have disabled the Links page, because we have to, but if anyone might be interested in an exchange of relevant links, he / she can write to us patanegraandco @ gmail. com.

Thank you in advance to all.

Leonor and Pierluigi.
Author : Pata Negra
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Creation : 2011-03-29
david said ...
Well, the right hand mi ... yum
Look at the context, the term later is not good, it would not be opposed to extra? Finally, I think.
The homepage is too long in my opinion, not enough pictures.
Another good idea.
a +
Anonymous said ...
The website is appealing. You put your VAT number instead of the Siret?
The section on Iberian ham is very interesting.
And I have a lot of hunger
Anonymous said ...
I am an amateur ham patanegra and must admit that your products is quite economical;
and you are a power seller in ebayle shop is not bad!
You won a new customer!
Anonymous said ...
A site like yours needs to have lots of pictures! but you do not turn! I do not like it too
Pata Negra said ...
Thank you all for your help!

Your feedback is very helpful to hear what the public think of our website.

If you have other opinions we are very interested to listen!

Good day to all!
Soleil 77 said ...
good evening
I just visited your site quickly; homepage well done but I totally agree with anonymous above, it's really a shame not to put more photos that give most want to buy the long text you put on the benefits of buying from Pata Negra and Co.

You sell the products we eat, so we must try to give away any customer want to eat right from the homepage.
So no more nice pictures and why not put the links on the photos for AC returns directly to each item concerned: that means by example on the picture of the ham, put the link that redirects to the category or pata negra ham .
In any case with me, and I think I'm not the only visual pleasure always comes before pleasure of the mouth especially that you buy online.
Too bad I'm no fan of ham but I wish you many sales!
Pata Negra said ...
Hello, Soleil 77,

You're right: we should fix that.

Thank you very much.
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