Your opinion please
hello to all new recently so I would appreciate your advice on my shop I accept any criticism that will enable me to improve.
is the address:
advance thank you
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Creation : 2010-06-24
Anonymous said ...
I found your site quite

good continuation
NWA said ...

Home nice to look at! Light like a lot!
SergeD said ...
Yes homepage pleasant, a bit too light for my taste, attention to photos, shortys watches for what I saw, the images are cut we do not see products

Claire Déco said ...
The visual is so simple for me though, by cons
attention to the spelling mistakes, choose the singular or plural for your categories but do not use first one and then another, even with the caps. Feeding the description of products and rework your pictures (size and framing).
otherwise it is very
Anonymous said ...
where are the legal references concerning the registration of your business?
Caution is required, sometimes there are controls .... and it can be expensive!
Anonymous said ...
thank you all for your comments I take note and I'll make the changes
koumy said ...

here are my impressions: too white!

1 / thank you kindly take away all its labels I think this is not the seller, more than all of them put through .... it is not hot ...

2 / for the photos closely (enlarged) is it not possible to focus the image since the coup wedge sets are found on the left and there is a big gap on the right .... I think the We can do better ... miss!

3 / in profile is a typo or is your password is misplaced pity .... and removes me the photo of the child sitting on the floor with his computer and put a nice photo of girl on the beach on the net .... unprofessional ... even if the guy look cute .. it does not go with the products

4 / hey well here that you want ... you do beautiful work ... ago only to see your contact ... very nice page and very nice seller

vtu2noir said ...
I will join the general opinion, too much white you white.
The homepage does not feel like it was my taste is too bland, blank, blank.
of product variety but the prices are a bit high I think.
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