Your opinion please

I need your opinion, please, that would be really useful to have outside review.

I thank you in advance
Author : topvet
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Creation : 2010-05-09
lulouetcie said ...
I do not want to demoralize you, but your home does not really want to buy products on hangers under plastic is far from being a seller, when you're on the products, like, you recovered pictures from your wholesaler (beware of copyright), you need pictures of very good quality that are well worth your products, take care of your homepage is your window. I did not quite come to your deliveries do not remain in oblivion, are concrete ex shipping within 24 hours or 48 hours, it takes considerable time to create a site that is professional, you have, we have a long way to go I do not pretend by having a site on top, like you I regularly ask people their opinion of the forum is not always nice but it helps to advance
Good evening
topvet said ...
Thank you for your honest, that's how we advance
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