Your opinion on my shop
Hello everyone voila I like your views on my future shop and I am the creator and manufacturer of lighting fixtures since 3years so I decided to get into online sales
be lenient because the shop is not finished so do not pay attention to spelling mistakes and broken links that will come in the next part
with the rest of configurations (postage etc ...)
for now I just want your opinion on the web interface.
Thank you all in advance

Author : Cly
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Creation : 2010-08-15
SergeD said ...
very nice site very classy pro, saw the buttons (see product details and retail)

marie said ...
very nice your site and well done.
by cons in terms of selling out the first title overlaps the beginning of the paragraph.

for postage may be that it would be good to put a sign on the price otherwise you could have simulated purchase from people who want to know the shipping cost, and do not finalize their purchase may be by a settlement.

the price will depend on the weight of the package? if so then put the weight of items so that customers can have a hint and a link to the site of colissimo for the calculation.

CréaStyx said ...
TOP Shop What!

Homepage superb!
Remarks from top to bottom:
- In the picture with the text on the screen, there are 2!. Why not post one? That's a lot more serious! If 3 is more equitable. [Same for the Offer a unique gift!.]
- In the photo Luminaires for Children, the text is somewhat offset by the images.

In the Categories, Shade Square granted to women while Shade Round correct spelling ...

In GTS, I have not read all but two mistakes at the beginning and then something quite shocking: there are no points around the end of paragraph ...

The cadres of all sections are not identical, the desired effect?

Beware of quotes that disappear when you make copiers-collers!
I got the joke too [Cfr. Category Money back]

In the Shade Custom Category: Misspellings image [A Shift an accent, and plairat seems suspicious but without certainty and not want to go check Bescherelle!]

As you (us) wished everyone Good luck =)

Ever yours
Karine said ...
Super well managed, a question ...
How did you include images on the right site?
Below the heading?

Regards Karine
Cly said ...
Thank you all for your answers

I spend the phase improvement and modif

Krohn said ...
Great site, a homepage that gives away the impression of being at a pro, no doubt.
A little question how do you manage to put the best of the best selling and other images on the right topics?
Thank you in advance
Patrick said ...
your wonderful site!
Labour is a pro.
when it's finished it will be the top store
good luck
cly said ...
To put the images on the right side below the tab shop
open the magnifier reduce static page in the bottom right static magnifying Example 100%
save 75% or 50% this reduces the page then leave more space on the right side to put the pictures
After putting the pictures back on the magnifying glass and then put 100% en suite to backup AFTER WARNING DO NOT CLICK ON IMAGE IMAGE CAR IF THE LEFT SIDE ironed on in this way reduce page re putting the image on the side
(The right side this work only with a magnifying glass to 75% or 50%)


I do think a tutorial on how to do this subject?
Anonymous said ...

The design and navigation on your site are excellent

I await the finish of your store forward

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