Your opinion interests me
Good evening
I made my site a year ago and he slowly begins to start I wanted to have your opinion to improve it
Thank you
Author : Efisia
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Creation : 2010-01-30
Alex said ...
it's simple and beautiful, very effective.
Anonymous said ...
Thank you Alex I just visited yours truly original that you sell
didie said ...
your shop is elegant and sober. It only lacks your identity and your cgv and Siret number
Agnes said ...
I love your site, lots of pretty things.
By cons, regarding the Lace category. It should see, as you note that these are handmade lace, but I'm not entirely sure. You're confirmed with a lace or someone who knows them really well?

Efisia said ...
Thank you for your comments, I already noted my Nentreprise on the invoice next to the name of the shop, I'll also re-graded at the bottom of the homepage for lace I'll recheck it especially as embroidery I have yet to have that done by hand.
Thank you again any other comment is welcome
Good Sunday
benebond said ...
It's very chic, very nice.
Efisia said ...
Benebond thank you,

I found your shop very attractive
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