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I just finished my site and wanted to know what you think.
My address
Thank you in advance and good evening everyone!

Author : Anne-Marie
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Creation : 2011-02-24
valerie said ...
Very nice store
but not enough to retain the customer section
good luck
Animo29 said ...

It is well but I thought, from the flower on the home page, fall on floral design.
I love what you called mini bowl, although for me it's more bowls drink, otherwise I really like
Anne-Marie said ...
Valerie and thank you very much for your advice Animo29!
In fact I expect the other articles (twenty) during the month of March, but since it had already been a while since I worked on my shop, I preferred not to waste time and start selling my products before the rest of my order.
For mini bowls you're right I should perhaps explain that they are provided for drinks.
Thank you again!
Good day to you!
Mickey said ...
Hello Anne-Marie

very nice presentation of your products.
keep it up!
see you soon

Anony Mouse said ...
Indeed very nice presentation.
But (yes, I still have a small but ..);-)
your home page does almost no text, referencing the engines will not be optimal. It is absolutely a little introduction into text on your home page, text in harmony with the site description and items on sale.
The host image is too big (too big).
The legal and CGV, gray background, are excellent, we really want to read them.
For me, the contact page should be activated, to allow potential customers wishing to remain anonymous, to contact you.
Small video of the fountains with the sound of water cooing ....???
Anne-Marie said ...
Thank you to Mickey Mouse Anony and for your encouragement and advice!
Your feedback is very helpful for me thank you again!

See you soon!

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