What's going with my site? Your opinion
I opened my shop in June, made ​​a few sales, revamped home page, I am very well referenced, but no conclusive results, what do you think?, Are you like me?
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Creation : 2011-12-05
Anonymous said ...
here is my site

dob said ...
I think the problem is that you have plenty of competition, the site is quite nice.

good luck
Cathy said ...

For my part I have not found the imprint. Tell me if I'm wrong. This helps to reassure people when the company seriously.

I also have an online site for the month of July and no sales.
Anonymous said ...
I find it pretty good, but maybe for the holidays, it would show what the jewel case may be sent because the packaging, it also plays a lot ... me, my shop does not take off at all ... maybe a notice: happykidsmania.fr

thank you and courage!
Anonymous said ...
happykidsmania wow, I love your homepage

make a big effort on the description of objects, with the right keywords

lighting moon, not once the word moon
it is clear that when one is on the page we see that it is a moon.
but before arriving on the page must be found.
and a parent who is looking for a moon-shaped lamp
use, among other things, the word moon.

Not enough items in my opinion and not provided a site, does not necessarily trust

as you sell the new and the opportunity
specify when it is nine

I must admit that "after the first good impression, I was somewhat taken aback by your site

good luck
Anonymous said ...
Thank you for the critical happykidsmania.fr, they seem very constructive.
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