What do you think of my site?
Hello everyone,

I finally finished my website, it really has not been easy. Many times, decision-head and I find the result quite good.

What do you think of my site, be objective and do not hesitate to give your comments to be constructive for me.

Thank you in advance to all, you'll see it's been a very foolish when you're finished, call Anthony
Author : Anthony
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Creation : 2011-03-22
Anthony said ...
Hello again,

I'm so glad I finished my site that I forgot to give the address of the site;-)

Here it is: http://www.bonbonschocolatsbiscuits.fr/

Good day to all
Anonymous said ...
nice site and finally feel like I'm very greedy
careful you do not put the imprint it has it's cool
Orel' said ...
Your site is cool! ... but the charges are a bit expensive!
I have not seen your digital Siret.
Other than that ... Good idea to have thought about the person allergic to gluten in another!
Good Continuation

Gaëlle said ...
nice, lots of choices.
Afterwards, Me, I'm not a fan of frames homepages. I think it looks too much school. It's been a little chart. But that's my opinion.
The header crackling, I love.
good day
KAGOUN said ...
good site for Orel number siret in cgv cons by lack cnil number, precision whether the packages are sent in packets insulated or not would be welcome (especially for orders in the summer!)

good luck

Anthony said ...
Hello and thank you for your opinion.

I corrected the problems identified two three and improved some explanation.

Thank you all and good luck.
MD said ...
Hello Anthony,
I'm not greedy for sweets, but I made 8203; 8203;a tour on your site: lots of choice, nice pictures, accurate descriptions, great ideas, it looks really want.
The homepage is a bit too flashy for me, but especially the colors of overlapping frames and photos are too fresh. I think we need more pictures of products with links to the products.
Orel as I think the charges are too high, they should be set up in weight and more just because it may frighten away potential buyers.
I have not seen n siren, and it would be to put a link on your page to your contact email address.
Here we are! Murielcrea
Orel' said ...
Sorry ... there is the num siret!
Good Sale
Anthony said ...
Hi MD,

it's a good idea to put more pictures of products that would want with links, ideas accepted.
N siren is located in the GCS.
For shipping I've fallen and I gripe a lot about my line shipment because I will use is very safe to be sure it happens. I think 6.90 is not so excessive as that.
The link to the contact email and I say yes also.

Thank you, Anthony
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