What do you think of my site
I'd like your opinion on my site, and also your suggestions especially for the home page and articles. Thank you

Author : lougaroute
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Creation : 2010-03-08
Delf said ...
Hello lougaroute,

Your home page is too empty.
Which category? You do not have any, they should be cgv, Number siret ...
For your products, when you do copy and paste to the description, take the time to proofread for apostrophes becomes a question mark.

Delphine of the bébés fringueurs
mimosa100 said ...
Hello lougaroute,
I just visited your site, it is true that the home was not welcoming at all, dare I say it is empty, lacking color, not attreyante. This lack of general conditions of sale, payment methods etc. ...... I went to connect in, it's the same, it's empty, no explanation or information to buyers.
This did not criticize far away, we always improve its site, for sale, requires that its eye-catching, given the desire to buy on your site or alller rummage around .
Change a little while now and you veras, his will be better

Gilles said ...
hello, your site is rather fun ... I will not Mein Kampf in homepage that may offend some people still ... I'm putting a website publisher and ... I almost take the same base for my band! whew, I actually created a banner with photofiltre like that there is no confusion ...
http://www.gillesgallasediteur.kingeshop.com/ for now I have the pages Home, I have to hump to make books! good continuation Gilles
lougaroute said ...
Hello Gilles

I tried to visit your site but I did not find it on google and you're right I'll remove mein kampf my homepage.
Céline D. said ...
I tell you that much work remains. Yet the result is a rather schematic site.

- Avoid at all costs animated gifs because it gives a result very amateur.
Have you seen the animated gifs on c-di * count, laredo * te or other heavy selling over the internet?

- Revise your welcome banner for the shade is too pixelated bcp

- Indicate your professional references

- Remember to popup an online e-mail address or phone number or contact you

- Try to make your home more attractive by adding more pictures (decrease the size of your logo colissimo, that's not what you sell, it need not be larger than the photo your books).

So much for my opinion.

Gilles28 said ...

True, he is pale your site ..

more text Chineur Welcome to the Book in black on blue background does not appear as it did there are not enough contrast in the two colors.

Example: for a background: yellow or white letter in standard color ...

To challenge: red, Fusia ...

best in your case is not to put a colored background.

The quality of the photos are limits ... correct.

at work, Mr. ....
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