What do you think of my shop?
I am on the web recently, benchmarking is hard to start!
Not many visitors at the moment and not too com either.
What do you think of my shop?
thank you!
Author : sandrine
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Creation : 2009-12-22
alice said ...
Sandrine Hello, nice site and nice achievements. You could perhaps create topics with links, eg. an article on plant dyeing leather! Also do link exchanges with other architects of your knowledge or your suppliers of leather, etc. ... (did you read the advice topics? I think they are useful to apply must do some reflection on the context of your business). good luck, alice
sandrine said ...
thank you!
I just saw that google is my site, but hey ... when I type in the name of my site in google and could not find yet!
OK after the holidays to prepare myself, I have a few drafts. And I must also hump back links!
thank you again!
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