The browse button missing
I click on the image icon and a window opens to download the image.
Except that the browse button or go is not there! (there are buttons to insert, cancel, and the white box empty and one with colored dots and the reference images accepted
... What may be the problem ... or rather the solution?
Author : Nono
Readings : 500
Creation : 2009-10-23
Sabrina said ...
It's the same for me! To deal with the problem is double-click the empty white box and it opens the window to select your file.
Nono said ...
Thank you Sabrina! I am not stupid ... finally it easy: o) but he had to know!
Nono said ...
oups I spoke too soon. So yes, I insert the image but the size is still wrong! Whether it is a mini image of just 1cm or I put original size and it is huge! How?
seiyar25 said ...
Good evening,
I had the same boat a week ago, the solution appear to see the browser button is to download Mozilla Firefox and the problem will be solved immediately. Regarding the size of small image below and cancel inserted to enlarge or reduce size you put the mouse arrow on the image (as can be done on the text and then you press shift and not let go with the left button of your mouse by pressing and holding you move the mouse according to the size that you want.
That's it, good luck.
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