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Hello How do T'on to insert in the links, banners given by our partner (HTML) I think? I have 3 pending partnership but I can not put up their banners
Author : abbdel
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Creation : 2009-12-16
KingEshop said ...
Hi Abbdel,

It is not possible to add HTML or JavaScript in your online store.


KingEshop Team.
Delphine said ...
It is best to save labannière and insert it as an image and then save the link to the page.
This is the same.
abbdel said ...
Hello not when they are paid links, its not working ... I have three partners with whom I exchange my link with theirs, they can pay me for each person who clicks on one of their banners on my site situate ... I lose money every day that passes ...
Delphine said ...
At the same time,

the best way to make money is to sell items on your store with no advertising that you put on your site
many customers are fed to the pub and more, you make them out of your shop!
There are enough like on TV!
ABBDEL said ...
It is also called referencing useful, I reference in the pending actual opening of my shop, I win the fame and money by doing nothing lol I can find a useful way to pass the time, unlike a lot of site that is dying every day that passes, the better is growing ... The time came to believe me, I also sell ...
Delphine said ...
I wish you wholeheartedly!
Lola said ...
pay per clik it is a scam: it relates not just to the pub to the provider of banner. in addition it is not serious about a site!
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