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Hello, this is almost 4 weeks that I work on my shop but when I put the name of my domain on google it appears nowhere.
Is this normal? thank you in advance
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Creation : 2011-02-25
Anony Mouse said ...
You've just improve your keywords, it takes even longer.
You can also change the text of your homepage.
Now we need to do a little computer:
1 / You must open a Gmail (Google), validate it.
2 / You then go to Google and type the following query: Webmaster Tools
You'll see results in a page with that title and that starts with ....
3 / You go to this page, you enter your Gmail username and password (check also this address in your favorites or bookmarks, depending on your browser)
4 / You will see a page appear with a button add a site, click it.
5 / Insert the URL of your site (no need to http)
6 / Click on CONTINUE, a page appears with multiple choices.
7 / Select the last option: Add a meta tag to the home page of your site
8 / A strange text appears below, starting with meta name = google-...
9 / WRITE AWAY WITH IT, by copying it into a Word document or an email sent to yourself.
10 / Finish by clicking LATER (the button is located below the text weird)

The text weird meta tag is called Google.

Email this meta tag to, using your email address which you use to connect to your store.
Wait a few days KingEshop installs this tag on your site.

- Go back to the web address to point 3, you normally have your favorites or bookmarks.
Enter your username Gmail password.
You will see the address of your shop and new buttons and ENTER LATER, click SUBMIT.
If it works, it's good, if not redone the test every 24 hours, the time KingEshop installs your tag.

Ouff, that, once installed and validated your tag, Mr Google will inform you within a few days, but as he is sometimes rude, could you ignore a few weeks or months.
To check whether you know, go to Google and type site: WITHOUT spaces.
aurore said ...
thank you Anony Mousse I'll try to do as you've explained it to me and I hope to come. Thank you again for your help.
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