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How can I do, when someone buys items such as 10 and that the shipping cost is multiplied by 10 then the postage is paid by weight thank you
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Creation : 2009-12-22
Anonymous said ...
We can not do anything.
For me it's the same problem, I have no way to charge the shipping weight. Even Paypal does not.

It is true that this will not hurt to have an option in the setup of the product include the weight and the weight that accumulates on the order.
Especially since all this transport are the weights.
Hervé said ...

Read carefully all the issues the forum, you can learn a lot. King hump currently on the problem of shipping and has already repeated several times.

Happy Christmas and New Year
KingEshop said ...
Hi GL62,

It is not possible. For now, the shipping cost are cumulative. We expect to improve shipping cost soon, but we can not give you a date.


KingEshop Team.
Anonymous said ...

Currently I do not put the shipping cost with the products in my shop as payment is made only by check (pending)

I send the customer an order confirmation via email with shipping included.

I point and see details of the bill:

Message at the end of the shopping cart page:

shipping are extra see class postage

Message at the end of the bill:
do not send your check until you receive your order confirmation

Confirmation message after the purchase:

we send you by mail an order confirmation with shipping included

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