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Good evening, I set that starts at my shop, but I already began to stumble for shipping. I do not understand the system of territories, to send to Paris or Marseille, the price will remain the same. While local, near or far, or do I save my expense? Thank you for your reply, it is 2 hours I want.
Good night and goodbye
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Creation : 2009-10-08
KingEshop said ...
Hi Nath,

Here's a question that our FAQ will help you :


KingEshop Team.
Nath said ...
Thank you for the answer, I'll see what I can do for me and the computer that is 2
nath said ...
Yes he is still with me my shipping! I do not pay VAT, or% then to put my 12 postage by sending or I put them so that customers know? Thank you in advance because I think I'll scream
jerome said ...
I have a concern about shipping
How to settle the charges in a basket containing several items
for now they add the shipping costs of as much as I would like to sell items with significant weight differencees
in my mind I would like to add up the weight and leave a tariff based

thank you
Guillaume said ...

I worry for the shipping cost also. If one includes shipping over revenue, they add up and in the event of purchasing multiple items, it is sometimes huge amounts (I think in the case of heavy items).

I took such an article of 5 kg with a value of 8. The port is colissimo 10.50 for 5kg. The customer buys 3 copies of this article, which is 15kg and it shifts to 31.50 shipping for orders of 24 ... whereas in reality for a 15 kg colissimo is 17. Never mind where carrier charges are high especially in the case of an expedition to the other end of France.
This method of postage is unfortunately the big snag the software.

So I create a class postage as a class section, the worry is that the customer generally avoided it despite a visible indication to homepage.

THERE-there's no way to integrate to form a multiple choice confirmation of charges that the customer selects the type and weight or items ordered.

Arkebion said ...

I just sold my first article and the customer does not pay because he had no time to think about how the postage! However, I have simplified the max! Free for orders less than 99 and a flat rate of 4.99 for orders less than 99.

To do this, I added a class postage with the package 4.99.

The problem is that I would like a message to the attention of the purchaser is at least displayed on the page or it may choose to continue their shopping or pay the bill! At that time he has still not understood the system he can read this information and add the shipping package!

How do I add this note on the page where the buyer is offered between continuing its shopping and pay now?

Thank you in advance for the help KingEshop and will offer you the reader and user forum shopping KingEshop.


Delphine said ...
This happened on my sales that the customer does not select shipping.
Yet it is stated in homepage.

I sent them an email saying simply add them and yet no worries.
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