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My shop is about to end. Can you give me your opinion.
Thank you
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Creation : 2009-10-19
Ashdeuzoo said ...
Good evening,

I do not know the value of the category How to order? !
This kind of message should instead be included in topics, right? it would be much clearer for visitors ..

Secondly, it lacks many topics when they open a shop on the Internet, such as the General Terms, the Legal Notice, etc. ...

You may also disable the start page, it is not completed and it is not really pro ... as the off until it is completed.

still a little work, I think ... but courage!

best regards,

Delphine said ...
It lacks the GCS, privacy.

like, how to order, should be heading.
Ta faq: suprimr all other questions blank, it does not pro.
Your photo makes Logone not.

For cons, I love the products you offer
Anonymous said ...
thank you for your comments. I'll see what it links. I'll fix everything. thank you very much for your help, really
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