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I hope to be welcome at the club!. I just opened a new site since mid February and I propose the sale of Grands Crus, now I have only visited by search engines like: Google, Yahoo, Exalead, aol, msn, dotnetdotcom, but not Visit prospective buyers. I appeal to experienced: Could you give me the reason for this situation?
I thank you in advance.
Author : SYLVAIN
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Creation : 2010-04-01
Anonymous said ...
you forgot to put your url
chouette06 said ...
With link Sylvain would be better to visit your site
LPDM said ...

Thank you to leave the link to your site, if you want us to go check it out!!


SYLVAIN said ...
the link is: www.julesetvous.fr
thank you for informing me of this lack!
chouette06 said ...
Hello Sylvain,

I think your homepage is too narrow and there are too many different fonts.
Aerates your page a bit and put the same font for all texts.

I went to see your GTS and I quickly closed the page, it does not really want to read it so tight.

I'll give you a bit the same criticisms for all your items.

I have not seen your number CNIL?

Good continuation and good sales
sylvain said ...
Hey Chouette06,
Thank you for your valuable advice, I immediately corrected my entries as you can already see.
Thank you again!
cordially sylvain
chouette06 said ...
Hello Sylvain,

Please, it's okay to help us.

Your home page is already better than the previous. To my taste, your title might be a bit big!

By cons I went to see your Terms and Categories of Records and History of Wine Wine and bouhhhh not really want to read. I feel bad because wine lovers might be interested in these items.

Write your text in black, aerates, jump lines, trying to put the same font and same size on all pages so that the whole is harmonious.

I hope not to offend you because it is not my intention at all,

Excellent continuation
sylvain said ...
Goodnight chouette06,
Thank you again for your advice that I feel very objective!
soon sylvain
chouette06 said ...
Hello Sylvain,

Pray it with pleasure.

Then must admit that strength for its site you get to see nothing. So outside advice is always good to take.

Excellent continuation
Magik Blend said ...
Hello Sylvain

I come back a little on your site that pretty much sums up my owl idea.

The title is perhaps a bit much, try to meet a charter with the same graphic font size for your titles, your lyrics, or other than it is for much more pleasing to the eye. Too many different size or different font makes the page confusing quickly. There are 5 sizes on your page has too may be.

One question Why there are no products in your presentation on home page? A box, a vintage or price of Appeal, or a great vintage, a few things that makes me want to learn more.
Understand that your home is a showcase in your store and there is a bit like if you had put up posters on the window of the sudden we see nothing.

To better understand this we must ask what you want to do, and if so your page corresponds to what you want.

In your case if you wanted to sell you announced that wine is good page explains it well, but if you want to sell cons that's not what your page offers.

Feel free to consult the large site vpc or those that specialize in your industry will help to lay out yours.

To answer your question: to generate the dating on your site you should contact them. It is work that requires time, and spend hours on the net. Frequenting social network to speak about your site on the same forum, although titled his book to take advantage of price comparison (the guide etc ...)
It is a titanic work

I also find that your meta tags are not correct (description too long, too many tags ...) at once even if they make an intuitive search is unlikely to come across your page proposal.
you will find on the net tools that will help create a good meta more appropriate.
Guard in mind that the more you'll add more you will reduce any chance that you are found too much and a bad description tag and now you're lost in the second page of all search engines .. Think that 60% of Internet s 'arettent name the top 5
Anonymous said ...
Hello Magik Blend
Thank you for your many board combined with those of Chouette06, I should soon have a professional site ...
I will soon harness myself.
Again thank you!
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