Not really finished but a little advice would help me much
Okay, well here it is, I have not really done regarding the products, but I, at first to have your opinion on the construction and layout of the site. Thank you;
Author : André
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Creation : 2011-03-26
Anonymous said ...
hello, pretty amateur homepage, no info on payments, tariffs in the medium high

good luck
André said ...
Although that is precisely why I'm asking an opinion! Not very good pro? yes, but what 'Pro'put more text to define the articles?
By cons, rates high enough, the I ask nothing better than to find a better supplier.
Too bad not to have more opinions, and thank you 'anonymous'
alex said ...

Same comment as anonymous homepage too pro, but it's true that this notion is quite hard to explain, it is felt.
The texts are placed for my taste a bit anyhow (sorry for expression). too much different size and color, not enough harmony in the text and: that are better;

Try to inspire you to other sites to review your home page.

For your articles, photos are ok, but the texts in the annoncces are too compact, it would aerate by making line breaks for a description of your items.

Contact tab:
The texts are not aligned. Telephones S. Show Siret number.

Put more info on payment and supplying with, even if you put it in price, while your customers will not go through the homepage, then says in a section explaining the price of supplies The mode of transmission, the payment mode shower, etc. ...

we must reassure the client.

I hope it helps you ... but there is no mystery, it takes time, ideas, etc. ...

for my site, copy and paste this in google:
p o a l o r i o n

good luck
a + alex
André said ...
Hello, thank you for those remarks relevant, it's really good (and fun) for giving me all these details!
I have already changed many things, but for the home page I can still hurt. But I'll follow your instructions and I'll watch the other sites.
Again thank you, André.
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