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hello I will like her see how you find my site thank you

I said if I improve some things must
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Creation : 2011-04-20
Anonymous said ...
hello, we should remove empty sections and adapt to your site topics already met (eg privacy), missing sections with more details on the home page for deliveries and payments, no imprint (Siret, cnil, GCS, etc. ...), misspelling (cheap jewelry! ale ale ale!) and in fields and lack of punctuation, very brief description of objects (eg no dimensions) and blurring,

if low price (excluding shipping charges as not found the price for shipping!)

good luck

SergeD said ...
in addition to Anonymous, we must review all your photos is definitely not pro, when you are on the product description and photos are all small and fuzzy, difficult to sell without seeing the product.

Anony Mouse said ...
The spelling mistakes are enormous.
Photos too blurry, too small.
The home pages: a kind of bazaar-style flea market in Lille, the pictures are not centered, no description, despite the site's name, the tables are relegated to last place.
Photos of hats are made with a Chinese phone?
Keywords, which must be for the moment the last of your worries have nothing to do with the site (the majority), they are misconfigured: a word followed by a comma, and so on.
The territories are not configured, you just add Meeting. You have to delete those default home KingEshop and redo his.

In short, there are still lots of work.
FEE ET RIS said ...

It is true that site is very labor intensive and you have much, take things one by one, the best way. the pictures are too blurry Disting we do nothing they should work photoshop for example, should take 2 sizes is also the work and time. Courage is not going to give up.

if you want I can give you my link if you want to take a quick glance, I'm not quite finished yet but I am very proud to see you soon
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