Modification and opinion
I want a little advice on my shop.
Feel free to criticize.
Thank you in advance.
best regards.
Author : Anonymous
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Creation : 2010-03-10
Tendanceon said ...
Nobody answered it is a pity ... because frankly, I liked your site, indeed it is clear, simple, and above all I think you have posted very nice shoes nice original that can not find anywhere .. and who could interested!
bravo! Good sales
Delf said ...
Hello anonymous

I do not know if the AC is on all the Orida but I tell you what I see on mine.

Bottom of your homepage: tontexte slightly overflows and you ought to be justified, it will be prettier.
Center come each month.
Your turquoise box overflows.

The top of the homepage: LOVE IT!

Otherwise, I love your shoes and they are cheap.
by cons, I taterais also be good for future client but I never dared to buy shoes on the internet because it will never be the same size!

Delphine of the bébés fringueurs
julie said ...
well as a site other than texts that are poorly framed and focused his eye flash if it's not bad
Anonymous said ...
thank you for your comment.
Then I look at what you said delf it does not on mine so I do not know about others if someone can tell me?
best regards.
NATHY said ...

Your site is nice and the prices are affordable, you should add listing newsletters, is a board.

The shoes are very ORIGNIAL may be future clients.

If you agree we can do a link exchange.

I'll leave the address of my site if you have any comments do not hesitate.
www.bijoux-nathy @

Best Sellers

Best regards
Anonymous said ...
Hello Nathy,
no problem for link exchange I add your site off my home page tomorrow.
best regards.
Nathy said ...

I also added your link at bottom of page

Best regards

Good luck
Anonymous said ...
Thank you so good luck.

Best regards.
Guylou said ...
Good evening,

I found your site very well, easy access and understanding, affordable. Only drawback, I clicked on the top gray section home page and I have not found in the category. Disappointment ...

Best regards
Paul said ...
The site is fine, but be realistic! with an average price of 10-15 euros each, must do more than 100 sales per month to get out, which results in a sizeable daily schedule, 7 on 7 and 365 days a year.
Isa said ...
the homepage is too much mess, the records are poorly focused and go beyond the frame. The rest is not bad, the pictures are pros. prices are affordable. Terms of sale to actually put in the plural.
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