I appreciate your feedback
Hello everyone,

I just finished my shop and I like to have your opinion about it.

What do you think?

thank you very much
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Creation : 2011-03-23
Anony Mouse said ...

Prompt notification, your home page, despite its beauty, has no text, these are just pictures, Mr Google does not like.
Personally, I find the quotation from Gustave Flaubert's a bit pompous and arrogant in the case of an e-commerce, but he also wrote:

Too much criticism begets stupidity

I'll leave it at that;-), due to time constraints, I add that some of your items are beautiful.
Gaëlle said ...
very nice site. Too bad the section on the homepage does not show expo.
Anonymous said ...
I followed your advice and I made some corrections. For heading EXPO is coming soon. Thank you

Anony Mouse said ...
Here, I return to review your site.
The homepage is very successful text, a nice photo montage, background coordinated.
The link to Paypal is not really useful, but not annoying either.
The graphics of the items is very good, but we can not find it as soon as you move to another page (I guess the job to do).

PS: the word customization will certainly not looking, I prefer the word personalization, but it's up to you. (Customization in Franglais is used mainly by car or motorcycle, not jewel)

I have nowhere seen a postal address or phone number that ranks the artisan, the N Siren indicates you are in France, not knowing the French laws, check if you do not add clear return policy, a contact postal CNIL number?

Your rates of delivery are explained in the section ad-hoc, but they are not applied when ordering: eg buy 2 brand pages, sending in Belgium, in your topic it should be 8.50 euros while that we obtain in the Cart 13 euros (2 x 6, 50).
It is imperative addressed this concern, as happened at this stage, the client might flee.
In your Terms, Chapter warranty is very artistic, it means nothing except that you pay no warranty, so why make the text blurry?
The chapter Rates: the fact that no VAT is not quite correct, in fact outside the EEC, the customer could pay local VAT unless he proves that he has already paid, not including customs charges and customs clearance.
Chapter Retraction: add no returns will be accepted for a customized item, it is legal. (You've already noted in the section, repeat it)
IP: just mention that the model is deposited (not in which country, limiting the risk of seeing your creations copied legally in China or another.

Here, I wish you good luck and good sales, why not with a purchase of the domain name. Com, before the other craftsman. Com does so (obviously if your finances allow).

Anonymous said ...
Anony Mouse, look at the legal and everything is marked inside.
For shipping there anywhere scored 8.50 and I do not see how I can only add additional costs, there is no possibility on this site, except to put the weight. And I do not sell but the weight room. So that's why in Shipping It is clear that the difference will be refunded.
For VAT, my chapter is quite correct, it's the law.
Chapter warranty is not vague because it's clear: I am not responsible for damage caused during and after using my.
IP: It is not clear that it filed in France, but the word France is part of company name, but that will not copy my jewelry in China or elsewhere.
I am willing to listen to some of your criticisms and take them into account but for the rest think of all read and learn before (VAT and others), before saying it's illegal.
So very happy to make some technical corrections, but otherwise it will not move.
Another question: you have a shop on KingEshop? If so, you should know everything.
Good weekend to you and thank you
MD said ...
Hello ANONYMOUS, for once I want to give my opinion on a site I've used, especially for your reply very cavalier Anomy Mouse, who twice took the trouble to try to help you, without bias and with some very valid and many positive reviews! Where did you get this animosity, which you have asked for advice? If you were sure of yourself, I think q'uil was unnecessary to do so.
For my part, I will say that I find your prices very excessive, especially for polymer clay. The charges are also very excessive (at least 4 euros for a letter S max + 2 euros per additional item) There are other ways on KE to recoup its costs (shipping). I agree that customization is not the right word for jewelry, being myself creatively. Moreover, I think your site is not enough staff, if you create your own jewelry. Murielcrea
MD said ...
Another thing: your links to the home page are not good! We can not at all concerned about the jewelry! That's too bad ...
Anonymous said ...
Hello MD, to answer you, I took into account the remarks Anony Mouse and I thank him for his help. My answer is not cavalier, but if you think like that, well ...
If you give me a solution for additional shipping costs for them to accumulate, I'm listening.
Anony Mouse said ...
No worries for me, sorry if some things have escaped, such as legal or guarantee against breakage that you do not grant (which is normal).
I do not think I write the word illegal somewhere, but I still persists at the level of VAT, but this is just my opinion: a foreign client, even EEC might have to pay VAT if it does not prove that VAT was actually paid on the purchase. This follows the rules wacky intra-community does not take into account the various existing statutes EEC (self-contractor not subject to VAT no eg. Belgium). These VAT rules do not conflict with the free movement of goods within the Community, at least that's what the case law in Belgium said.
For sales outside the EU, customs duties and VAT will be charged to the client.
These are not my rules, I write because I believe that a vendor must notify its customers.
Regarding intellectual property, it was a board to deter potential artisans for inspiration. In announcing that your models are introduced in France, allows a Belgian, a Swiss or Italian to copy your templates and sell them at home without any fear, or even remove the drawings in his own country or at European level (in the latter case, it is sometimes the first-come, first served). The trick is to not advertise so if the deposit is made only for France but it is your business, YMMV.
And finally, your refund part of shipping through Paypal will not work because you can not repay part of a purchase, or else I'm missing something. You can always veer on the paypal account of your client overpaid, but with costs, it will not affect your entire deposit, or then again I'm missing something.

This cordiality in all, this is just my opinion on your beautiful shop, do not worry about me, I do not easily offended.
MD said ...
ANONYMOUS Good evening, you can see what I did for the shipping cost by going to my site, type murielcrea in google, I come in second position after my blog item then postage. You can ask me any questions in private. Murielcrea
Anonymous said ...
Hello Anony Mouse

Glad we're on the same wavelength, and like me, you're not likely (although from time to time ...). Thank you for your advice.
I added a paragraph in GCS on duty, but I think it's all I can do. For copyright I made 8203; 8203;some corrections.
I still shipping, but I'll try to work around the problem.

I wish you a wonderful day and thank you again
Bijoux enchantés
Anony Mouse said ...
Hello or good evening,

It is true that my writing is often abrupt, that's my biggest problem, it gives the impression that I suceptibilise sometimes it's true when I reread it, but it's not in my character.
;-) I do not force you to change, even when it's nice for the customer to be notified of certain things.

In short, I wanted to add, if I can, I love the combination of your blog to your store (and not vice versa), this will certainly help to a better ranking.
For shipping costs, and partial reimbursement through Paypal, it would seem possible, at no cost to you or the buyer, during the first 60 days.
So I think you have answered hastily that it was not possible.
But as I am a little wary of using Paypal, I would have liked to do a test and I would do it at a future sale.
In any case, according to the explanations of Paypal, we find the famous link to reimburse the customer, and clicking on it, one could choose a partial refund.
If anyone here could do the test in his shop without going through and confirm this, it would be nice, I did not have Paypal sales during the last 60 days.
Anony Mouse said ...
If it works, I present my most humble apologies.
Anonymous said ...
Hello Anony Mouse

I have every seen in the postage and I think now it'll be good. I still find it a pity we can not do what I planned at first, but never mind, I managed differently.
Indeed, the only possible solution in my case it was to make the weight.

Out of curiosity, I'd love to see your shop and if you do not want to put the link here, send me by email that you will find in my shop, please

Good day and thank you again
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