How to do a blocked price
Hello everyone, I saw the question somewhere on the forum but could not find her. So if anyone can explain how prices crossed it would be nice. I plan to make a targeted promotion of certain products and I want to show the old price and the price after having re-crossed the old price
thank you in advance for your help
Author : kdy
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Creation : 2011-11-19
Antoine said ...

You can not blocked a price. To do what you want to do, you should write in the special message box something like: old price 30 euros. It's going to be written in red next to the new price.

Bruno said ...
Hello KDY

Unfortunately IMPOSSIBLE, yes it would make a lot of services!
For my products, I did what I said Antoine (always good advice!)
I said "€ 1000 INSTEAD OF 1350" that appears in red in the product.
good sales
kdy said ...
thank you for your suggestions
good sales
Gérard said ...
You have to redo your picture and put it in the photo, the wrong price tag with a strikeout. It's a bit heavy but it should work!

kdy said ...
the idea of the photo is clever but it is very heavy because you have to redo the photos for each operation. Imagine the work it will do even if I do not have much stock
thank you anyway gérard
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