How to appear in such pages on your customers?
Hi, is it possible to appear on your pages such as customers. Even if you have thousands of sites, do you renew the examples?
Best regards
Author : fundriver
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Creation : 2010-03-23
KingEshop said ...
Hi Fundriver,

The choice of shops that are displayed on the page ''Clients'' is randomly among thousands of shops KingEshop, there is only the layout is done manually.


KingEshop Team.
Anonymous said ...
to be an example must be properly referenced because it is the demo copy
lola said ...
hello KingEshop

Just asking: Why not make contributes annually on fixed dates of the 50 most beautiful shop so that people are motivated to always try to evolve. Everyone could be a winner?
thank you for your reply
chouette06 said ...

I found your excellent idea lola now see with KS if possible.

Good day,
Martine said ...
To anonymous

When KingEshop said random is truly random or almost as a site is always selected.

When other, KingEshop ignores, or aesthetics or referencing sites. Check and you'll realize that some sites may have little texts and their rank is very remote.
Anonymous said ...
I am me but I assure you that most people entering my store are not looking for or are KingEshop = person) do not expect sales to this
fundriver said ...
Yes, it's a good idea to make a mini-concurs. There may also have the best new sites and, of course, mine would form part ;-)
Anonymous said ...
it's unclear whether that person KingEshop no sale is the best link exchange because people look out and bought KingEshop and works much better

reference sites I looked out curieusité like everyone else and I never bought because people on KingEshop are here to sell and not bought
Anonymous said ...
follow the infos of king the info is very well explained and then you send them the tag by mail and it will put the tag on same day
tex said ...
beyond to bring potential customers, having a hard link to a site renowned as KingEshop is very good for your listing in search engines.
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