How do I save myself the editor removes all
Hello everyone!
Here is the 3rd time I take the issue of my GTS. Every time when I come to the point of 8 6E, the page turns white and then, all over again. Yet every time I add a new text box, I click on Save property to save the changes.
Is there not a way to save all changes that would allow a restore?
Thank you for your clarification.

Author : Noël
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Creation : 2010-10-25
Anonymous said ...
Me to be easier, I copy my text word, and I paste it in paint.
And I put it in GIF format, and I insert it as if it were a photograph.
There was no restoration possible sorry.
Hopefully this will help:)
good evening
Noël said ...
ah yes of course it will help me greatly!
Thank you!

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