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How can I install your software on my servers?
How Can I install your software on my servers?
If you have a lot of potential customers, you can install our software on your servers and resell the e-shop service.
Premium e-commerce
online store
Designed for very large volume of traffic
ecommerce shopping cart software
1000 Licenses (online stores)
Runs on Solaris - SPARC
ecommerce solution provider
Oracle Database
ecommerce web hosting
Requires minimum of 3 servers (5 recommended)
e-commerce web site
Master e-commerce
ecommerce hosting
Designed for medium traffic
ecommerce software
1000 licenses (online stores)
ecommerce web site design
Runs on Microsoft Server 2003
ecommerce solution
Database SQL Server
Ecommerce solutions
Requires minimum 2 servers (4 recommended)
ecommerce solutions
For full details on prices, technical specifications and licenses, please write us and tell us about your project. We will help you to find the best way to install and use our software.

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