Hello, everybody I have a question how it can be done to remove the TV camera and there was the homepage for meter and how I want what I like in the other site j saw it, thank you in advance for your reply
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Creation : 2010-12-28
KAGOUN said ...
hello new anonymous!

you go into your administration page

you click on static page

then home

home page will open editable

you click on the picture of a television, a window will open you to delete selected

Then in the small bar at the top right you can choose to insert text or image, save your page, etc ...

Krohn said ...
In My Website, and statistics pages, you must edit the home page and remove items one by one and then build your page.
Anonymous said ...
Kagoun wrong but did not. Follow the procedure Kagoun but once on the home page full of TV, click on the little w toolbar and choose white page and everything disappears. Very simple. Other buttons in this small bar, click on T is for writing, click on the small hill is for photos to add, remember every time after writing or placed pictures click to save disk. For the texts, it will stretch them. Point the mouse cursor over text or pictures, let your finger left click of the mouse simultaneously press the button below the capital with the arrow and hold down the mouse and the text will stretch.
Petit Pas said ...
Hello Anonymous! :)

I think the best advice I can give you at this stage is to consult the FAQ because I myself have found the answers to my questions regarding the use of the site and how to up his shop! I'm far from pro unr computer and yet the result is not too bad!

Feel free to dig into this topic, I assure you it is really a gold mine! :):):) - 4th tab from the left! lol

Good luck and good luck!
Mystimiss said ...
or, once edited your homepage, you click up on the W and you chose a blank page or various proposed models ...
KAGOUN said ...
anonymous right you're right, I said to remove As if we'll keep an idea of the layout

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