Give your opinion on my site

I would like your opinion on my site to improve and to translate then into English (by mid February) show in Spanish.

my site:

Thank you,

best regards
Author : Patrick
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Creation : 2009-12-22
Lilie said ...

I think developing your site very much but I think the homepage is not enough fun.
We expect to see some pictures of the products you sell, those novelties in 1st level and then the payment and delivery.

Also the logo in the upper left seems low quality (maybe is it my computer).

The picture in your book woman is not good.

Your FAQ is very useful but it should give a point to each paragraph is a little disorder.

I hope not to be too hard ... In any case you sell products very interesting time as the highlight.

Best regards

My site:
alice said ...
I agree, the homepage is not very ... welcoming. The perfume is a product that evokes luxury, self-care, we loved the atmosphere of perfume, elegant and fragrant. So here there is not! you put the direct payment options that could slip to the right to get in your classes or be lower in the center. I like the image of the mall that positions your business well, cons by the logo is too rudimentary in contrast. I searched a few categories, and it will also sections, not bad.
good luck! alice
alice said ...
sorry, I made a mistake, I meant the modes of payment right under the headings.
To enlarge the space of the home page F11 you do after that is to pif. But by feeling a little bit there sometimes. That leaves you room to focus an image emblematic of your products ... best regards,
patrick said ...

I thank you for the advice you gave me. I made some changes on the home page and that it is better now that we expect the site with all links designers, perfume and publicity.

If you have further comments please, it's always positive. Even on the home page.

thank you
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