Give me your opinion please

Could you give me your opinion on the site that I launched (level graphics etc.) and tell me what I should change or modify.

Well I know it has nothing to do with big sites so popular but offers competitive rates so that I would like it to work.

For the moment there is little experience on this site but I think it can grow!

Here is the address:

Thank you in advance:)
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Creation : 2011-11-25
koumy said ...
Hello, I arrive on the home page and:

1 / photography and writing to present promotion policy is much too big, I leave the site and I go to another site

2 / products are well presented and clear

3 / is nice contact page with aerial photos

Well, not bad, this orange is really necessary? But the tastes and colors can not be discussed.

It must complete and return for a final opinion

good luck

David said ...
Good evening.

I agree with the analysis of koumy about the home page. The problem is that I do not understand immediately the purpose of this shop. There is no text on the homepage, it seems quite empty. It gives me the impression that the photos are arranged in large bulk to hide the blank page.

Finally, there is no article.

In short, there is still lot of work, but the start is promising.

Good luck for the future:)
Anne said ...
The site is very good in my opinion, a header and a home page that allow you to understand at a glance what you propose. Actually lacks the conditions of sale, legal, warranties, but the site is probably not over.
Good sales,
EasyOptic said ...
Thank you for your comments!

It is true that the home page is at work again.

For the orange is the base color of the shops (on the same principle .... but another airline!) In our stores, furniture, walls are orange and white.

In addition to the general conditions of sale, I'll add them even though visitors are customers who have already come to the store ... But it's true that to develop for new clients I'll add it.

Anyway thank you for your comments and please come back it out and criticize again!

See you soon:)
koumy said ...
The site is very well said it!
For you to sort of opinion, and especially compared with others to objectivity.
good luck.

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