Finally finished my little shop
Hello again to you guys.
I tried to post it in my existing topic but I think that because of his seniority he failed to rise.
After a period of absence that allowed me to expand my shop, so I return as promised to show you the result with more numbers of categories, met (except one or two I'm waiting for products where materials). But the longer it is now.
So I give you back the address:

Feel free to send me your suggestions as always. Happy Christmas and New Year to you all and Team KingEshop!
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Creation : 2010-12-22
kagoun said ...
Hello, nice site just three short remarks in the section on baguier I find it unfortunate that it is written so small, and the last two comments; I believe I have not seen neither your nor your SIRET number CNIL

Otherwise congratulations!

Anony Mouse said ...
Excellent work.
KAGOUN as the image of the ring gauge is too small.
A little trick to zoom is to make it clickable and link to a host of images.
A link would also have been welcome in the calendar section, the site www.marches ... is in text format, you can edit a link, which prevents the visitor to copy / paste.
For earrings, in view of many allergies, would it not wise to note the metal material used?
Otherwise it is an excellent supplement to the activity on medieval markets and fairs.
I live in Brussels, where two important medieval markets are organized, one of Etterbeek (Brussels 1040, May) and Forest (in September), maybe it will cross there be?
For fans, there is also an excellent agenda, involving 4 countries:
Yvon said ...

very nice site, with products we do not see everyday

I think your Alexa ranking at 26.6 million will soon improve, I put in brand page to see your progress and wish you good luck.



Olive oil
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