Can a group of items have the same discount code?
Author : Evan
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Creation : 2016-09-30
Anonymous said ...

Here is the discount avalaible :

Evan said ...
Thanks for that but I am really referring to is, if you have items A B C and so on, to have the same discount coupons instead of having 3 or 4 or 10 different discount coupon codes.

I hope I make sense?
Evan said ...
Thanks for the reply but that still does not solve my problem so I will try again to see if someone can answer my question.

Lets say we have the following items:

Item: ABC
Item: 123
Item: AAA

Now, I want the above items to have the same 50% discount, so I want to create one discount coupon for all the the 3 above items.

So, the discount coupon named, "50%" can only include 1 item only and not all three.

Is there a way to have that "50%" discount coupon for all 3 items?
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