Changes in my products
Hello everyone,
Here, I make some changes to my 3D products for the reasons I changed the text because many of the forum who have visited my site and I have noticed that my faient products 0 EUR.
So I changed the text of these so you can understand.
I said as visitors if the text I just changed my help to understand better price to zero and for what reason.
thank you for your answers
Author : mimosa100
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Creation : 2010-04-22
Alpanel said ...
Hello Francoise
You have done well to add this sentence to a better understanding.
By cons, beware of spelling, I saw a few dozen on the pages visited.
Good luck and good sales.
@ Soon
mimosa100 said ...
Hello Alpanel,
thank you for your reply
I do not see the mistakes and it's terrible, I will look above may be tonight or later this weekend.
good continuations and good sales too.
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