And my site for women you know what?
I realized this is my site over 6 months, I made a few sales, but nothing very conclusive. There is something wrong? What do you think?
Thank you.
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Creation : 2010-03-17
Anonymous said ...

I just go for a ride on your site, I think the font below the images on your pages
Home is not suitable, may be trying to remove the fat or exchange policy.

In the photos of your jewelry, you can not see well enough (details).

Here is my opinion. Good luck.
Mylène said ...
Your site is promising but I'm just giving my humble opinion.
Your home page should not contain the flashing gif with something new each week it is not very pretty, a little page loaded the overall look of the client or the client can not fix.
It is only a few seconds it will have some visual cue on your homepage, something clear, precise, nice to retain the customer and bring him to visit.
Descriptions and photos are very good, is clear.
By cons choice items mix makeup and clothes such that it does not just fair?
Me I like you on the same site, but the concept is not quite the same world I have a shop that works very very well, I earn my living with.
For a beginner all is well determined that we target and especially to see what happens in competition, there is no mystery ... do what does not happen elsewhere ... a design that does is seen nowhere else either.
Details tedious but ultimately it pays.
You'll certainly get there and I strongly encourage you in your future actions and changes.
There is room for everyone!
Good continuation for you
julie said ...
what is wrong as
you wrote society but there is no number siret cnil
not to mention legal

level setting if it has many potenciel

on your homepage siret cnil ect and its past will be a letter in the mail

I think that customers are not too confident
benebond said ...
I found your site very much, it actually lacks the SIRET number, the number of CNIL. But the prices are affordable.

Besides, I just spent a small order.

Good continuation
Toutpourtoi said ...
Thank you for your advice, I tried to apply them.
Benebond to thank you for your order, it's nice. If you like, we can exchange links of our sites?
mimosa100 said ...
Hello toutpourtoi,
I just made a small tower on your shopping and visit the products that you suggest on your homepage.
The disadvantage is that the hen you click on your product of your homepage, its not consistent with what is marked, for example, I went to see the earrings and I fell on the rings, it rings on the feet of silver chain, on pendants, chains is on the strings is the bracelets, the bracelets, that the earrings and the anklets is the piercing;
It is true that he lacks the general conditions of sales is very important.
Here for points, if not all that attractive.
Good continuations
Polynesia said ...

Your site is complete and has a beautiful header, however I find there is too much color for me. I also think that the titles of the home should not be preceded by dashes or followed by a colon (this is too full and not enough site).

I wish you much success!
benebond said ...
Yes, I'm ok, I put your site in my links on.
Toutpourtoi said ...
Thank you to everyone. Benebond thank you to put a link to my site, I did the same for toi.Merci to mimosa100 for your remark, I do not understand is that my homepage worked perfectly so far! I do not know what happened ... That fact that I changed everything! Too making head again!
Feel free to make other comments and see me again!
Marc said ...
Hello to all.
When we add a category and we change the order of categories that modifies links that are already done in the home.
Otherwise nice site for women.
Good success!
toutpourtoi said ...
Thank you Marc, I understand everything now! So should I change my links when I get a new category, this is too much work. My new page is better then I removed all links. Thank you again.
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