A little advice on my site

I started in this area and I would like very rapidemant do my main job. (Having its own account, the dream of all!;))

But now, I do not get enough of visit, if you think you need some change (s) thing (s), report them to me please, I you would be very grateful!
Friends, family, colleagues ... All these people gave me their opinions ... there remain only yours: http / /: www.forever-aloevera.fr.

Thank you in advance for your posts to help me optimize my site.

Wishing you great success!

Sincerely, Sarah.
Author : Sarah
Readings : 465
Creation : 2010-02-02
Sarah said ...
Is there does nothing to change?

In any case: thank you for your visits, good day.

venddetout said ...
Hi Sarah,
I know not but in me your address does not
thank you to verify

Anthony said ...
very good site.
The big problem comes from your images. They are fuzzy, are distorted or pixelated. And your graphics rendering quality loss.

Anonymous said ...
Your homepage is much too full, the text below should be in sections, it is my opinion, I do not know if customers will enjoy a home too long.

I like the concept, colors and products.
Good continuation
Armelle said ...
I have not looked in any detail but my first impression is very good. The site is pleasant, friendly. The products are well presented.
Only comments:
to my taste, too much to read on the homepage
- Logo (credit cards) in the band is misplaced. Put under the headings
- Some photos are distorted (100% natural example on the home page)

Congratulations, good job
BOB said ...
Our rating:
1 / These products have the wind in their sails and are in great demand (care products and beauty)
2/Donc on the home page is too long to go to basics and say something like:

There are products and products. With us is the production of origin, the products come from advanced research laboratory and studied by dermatologists, of this or that. In addition everything is controlled dla picking up plants ls world is ... bla bla bla.
We practice setting packaging. The aloe vera which we are the world experts is ... blah,, bla.Nous here to offer you exceptional price of cis or that. ADD PICTURES OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN AND GENTLEMEN .. Smiling faces.

3 / put all text in the right topics for those who want to learn more.
4: Avoid giving the address of the manufacturer partnership or you will make conccurrents (if we had here the time is what we would do ...) 5 / Avoid the catalog picture and put some nice pictures. This is a site that sells nice ...
5 / think to reference sites venbdeurs and search engines with good keywords. Bises
Sarah said ...
Thank you all for your messages!!

It's great fun., I finally what to do to occupy myself until this weekend ...

Thank you very much! I wish you all a great success ...
edit said ...
in terms of sales very vague trouble to read the content

best regards
Céline D. said ...
Your site is done well, it's really nice.

For your home, in my opinion after the images produced everything else would be better placed in sections.
An eye-catching is always better than long speeches.

Good continuation.
des bijoux.com
Sarah said ...
Ok, I noted, I still have not started ... but I délpacerai text diu down in sections, the general conditions of sale and change some pictures ...

Thank you edit for letting me remember and thank you Celine D. for your message. (PS: I love your site, you are right when you say an eye-catching is always better than a thousand words I'll put the text in the bottom category)

Thank you all and good evening!

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